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Thank you for understanding!

Customer FAQ's   PDF Print E-mail

Involving 3rd party developers. License holders guidelines for involving other 3rd parties in further developing or deploying theFactory's applications can be found under this link.

Distributing Updates. For all updates and upgrades proceedings please check this link.

Offers. Please provide us with all the project description in order to get an accurate quote. Without the details the quote may vary allot. We require all the relevant information in order to avoid any complications. The quotes included in our offers for custom work are valid for 24 hours (if there is no other stipulation) because of the constant price-offer optimization and being based an the attached description. Time frames are approximate, since they may vary due to the clients feedback. Offers are not transmittable. Offers are having a private  and confidential character and cannot be published in any form. After receiving a quote and accepting it, please respond and we will send you the payment details. If you decide f. eg. after two weeks to accept it, then please ask again it the quote is still valid. After the payment enters into our bank account we will start the custom work. For further information please also check our Terms & Conditions. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Ticket System proceedings.

  • Fill out one of the contact forms available under Contact Us. In case of Customer Support request, please limit to a single Ticket, since this will speed up the reply. Provide an exact description of the encountered issue, NOT a simple it does not work, since like this we wont be able to help you.

    For "Support tickets" and "Updates requests" make sure you are logged on the site, so that you can easily retrieve you existing order numbers, click then on them and fill in automatically certain required fields, speeding up the submission process.
  • Please provide a valid email address without automatic replays in order to receive an answer. Emails were AUTO-responders or any kind of SPAM verifications are active will be disregarded by the system!

    Please wait until we are providing you with an answer, before following up a ticket or submitting other support tickets. We are trying to answer as soon as possible but this depends also on the working schedule, issue itself, workload or other factors. 
  • After filing up the submit form, a confirmation email will be received - check your SPAM folder too!!! - , that the ticket was submitted and your request will be shortly processed.

    In case no ticket was opened, use another email address when submitting a new ticket or post your question/issue on our forum. Please DO NOT post any duplicates! choose either a Ticket or Forum post!
  • A member of our staff will reply to the ticket providing the requested information. Please note that our answer will be also delivered as an email, so no extra login to the ticket system will be necessary. If you received a confirmation email that the ticket was opened, but later, no email with an answer, then check the ticket link directly to check our answer.

    If we consider that the ticket does no longer require a correspondence, then this will be closed directly after we answer.
  • If after our answer the ticket is still open and you have further issues, just reply to the received email without changing the email subject!; so that the system would be able to recognize it as a follow-up to your ticket. Address the ticket exclusively to our support address, CC or BCC are NOT allowed!

    Please note that if you change the email subject or add CC or BCC addresses, then the new email will be disregarded by the system!
  • After 24 hours of non-activity from the customer or just after providing a solution, the ticket will be closed. Do NOT replay to tickets older then seven days since they wont be taken under consideration!; we need the exact version data and configuration for debugging.

    Tickets will also be closed on new releases in order for users to be able to update first and check if the existing issue still replicates.
  • In case you were requested by our team to provide site credentials, always perform first a complete site Back-up! before any debugging session or any other kind of intervention from our part, since we are not responsible for any data loss of any kind!

    If our team requested site credentials, create please a new super admin account for that session and when our intervention is finalized just erase that account.

Forum. Support does not include questions regarding the code, how to customize it or further development plans. If the time will allow we may answer it on the forum but if there is no answer yet, do not repost it or bump the topic up, since this will be seen as pertinent behavior on the forum and it may lead to canceling your membership (in some cases without any previous note).

If you are requesting support for a free product, make sure first you are running the latest available build, before signaling any possible issue.

In order to avoid any issues also please do not use improper language, insults, or have a pertinent behavior regarding some issues like repetitive questions regarding: development plans, code explaining, code development, company policies and prices). We hope that members will understand and see it positive, as it is meant to increase productivity and to maintain the same level of quality provided at a very reasonable price.

Also any forum user, customer or non-customer, may be banned without any previous notice for posting commercial advertising. Personal Signature Links or any other posted URL, are permitted only to pages or domains using one of our extensions.

Further development and Browser compatibility. Most of our product, if not perhaps all, will be in  further development and will offer compatibility to the latest platforms. Surely, this is a process which also takes time, because sometimes the changes are immense and our goal is to offer always professional solutions. Therefore, the new added features will be available only for the latest platform. Issues will be also fixed only on the latest version of our products. Browser compatibility is offered in order to cover up the most popular Internet Explorer (minimum ver. 9) and Mozilla Firefox.

About ETA's. We will make ETA's public at a certain time. If no ETA are announced for the product you are interested in, then please don't ask for further details, since it means that at this point due to company policies we cannot reveal it. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your interest and time!