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Joomla 3.x Extensions arrow HOT or NOT Factory 4.0.0

HOT or NOT Factory 4.0.0
Price: 78.99 €
Joomla Version
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  • Enable/disable voting for guests (unloged users).
  • Enable/disable upload images for guests (unlogged users).
  • Set 1-10 or 1-5 voting scale.
  • Image categories.
  • Watermark for images (enable/disable; admin configurable).
  • Resize height and width, Thumbnail size.
  • Image Description and TAGS.
  • Allow comments from: visitors/registred/disabled.
  • Approval system for Images in backend (enable/disable), with filter option and email notification to admin when new image was posted and to user after approval.  
  • Approval system for Comments (enable/disable) and email user notification. (user menu/manage comments).
  • Display nr. of images per page, Display last x comments per page (0 for all).
  • Minimum nr. of votes for an image to appear in TOP (settings/global).
  • Email reporting (enable/disable).
  • Reset votes (settings/maintenance).
  • Latest added view.
  • Menu Module including Top Rated, My Pictures, Upload and advanced Search option.
  • Newest Picture module.
  • "Categories to thumbnails" module leading to image thumbnails view from each category.
  • "Categories to vote" module leading to direct image voting.
  • Last voted module.
  • Random Picture module.
  • TAG Cloud module.
  • Integration with the Love Factory Joomla Extension. By enabling this feature, profile pictures from the "Love Factory" Extension, can then be voted through the "Hot or Not Factory" Extension.


The component provides an easy voting system, requiring only a single click action for a speedy process. The component can be used to rate different images like landscapes, art, etc. or if the genre mode is enabled, more particular for male and female images. The upload is very easy, allowing also multiple upload. For each picture a sharelink and the number of hits will be visible and if admin enabled the description, comments and tags. To allow the administrator content control on the site, each picture and comment can be reported.

On each photo page the display beneath the picture is different then in the simple version. The Deluxe version is displaying the following information:

  • Category of the photo linked with the "View all x category" (thumbnail display)
  • Username linked to all users photos (thumbnail display)
  • the number of photos in that category.


  • Joomla 3.x
  • MySQL (min. 5.1 + )
  • cURL, GD2 libraries enabled.


Version Info

HOT or NOT Factory 4.0.0 released on January 10, 2014. 

  • Support for Joomla 3.0.x.
  • Renamed extension without "Deluxe", since the simple version was discontinued.

HOT or NOT Deluxe Factory 3.1.0 released on January 31, 2012. 

  • Support for Joomla 2.5.x.

HOT or NOT Deluxe Factory 3.0.1 released on January 19, 2012.     

  • New feature: module option for "Categories" and "Categories to Vote" modules to show/hide the uncategorized link.
  • Fixed issues regarding pagination, show photo link not working properly when SEF activated.

HOT or NOT Deluxe Factory 3.0.0 released on November 28, 2011.    

  • New Product Concept.  
  • Fixed issues regarding pagination on backend images, sfxclass missing on frontend module.

HOT or NOT Deluxe Factory 2.1.0 released on August 19, 2011.   

  • Support for Joomla 1.7.x.

HOT or NOT Deluxe Factory 2.0.1 released on April 20, 2011.  

  • Improvement: redirect to Top Rated (when no more images to vote)
  • Fixed issues regarding category setcookie for task category, show random image as menu item, etc.

HOT or NOT Deluxe Factory 2.0.0 released on January 11, 2011. 

  • Redeveloped for Joomla 1.6.x. 

HOT or NOT Deluxe Factory 1.0.8 released on August 29, 2011.  

  • Fixed issues regarding image approval system, Love Factory integration, image not showing with SEF enabled and menu item created (not menu module).

HOT or NOT Deluxe Factory 1.0.7 released on April 20, 2011. 

  • Improvement: redirect to Top Rated (when no more images to vote)
  • Fixed issues regarding category setcookie for task category, etc.

HOT or NOT Deluxe Factory 1.0.6 released on January 10, 2011.

  • New feature: added the category name to the page title when viewing the category pictures.
  • Fixed issues regarding guests comments not being deleted or approved in the backend area, setcookie on category.

HOT or NOT Deluxe Factory 1.0.5 released on May 18, 2010.

  • New feature: added possibility for administrators to change the image category.
  • New feature: added module class suffix for all the modules.
  • Fixed issues regarding Love Factory integration to hide private photos or only for friends photos, comments for guests photos will appear in administrators manage comments section.

HOT or NOT Deluxe Factory 1.0.4 released on April 20, 2010.

  • New feature: added the possibility to select the Itemid used for the modules links.
  • Fixed issue reagrding upload page when using own menu, new paragraph in comments show as "n"; some links that redirected to homepage instead to a new image.

HOT or NOT Deluxe Factory 1.0.3 released on March 3, 2010.

  • Fixed issue regarding display category icon, ajax comments, missing language strings to the language file, users being able to vote a higher rating than the maximum scale top.

HOT or NOT Deluxe Factory 1.0.2 released on February 10, 2010.

  • New feature: added Top Rated in the Categories module.
  • Fixed issues regarding Love Factory integration, BMP files, redirect not logged in users to login page when trying to upload and only logged in users are allowed to upload, notification when trying to upload a file too large, use full path for urls.

HOT or NOT Deluxe Factory 1.0.1 released on December 9, 2009.

  • New feature: possibility to edit the image description from the backend.
  • New feature: added confirmation and error messages after voting.
  • Fixed issues regarding saving image details from the backend (and no tags were entered), php and mysql different timezones issue.

HOT or NOT Deluxe Factory 1.0.0 released on October 15, 2009.


Screenshots are representing version 4.0.0 of HOT or NOT Factory.


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