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eBay Factory Module 3.1
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eBay Factory Module comes as a help for the targeted sites which are running a specified business. This way the administrator can set up certain search-keywords in order to display in a module only certain eBay auctions for his visitors. The module works with:

  • ebay International (.com)
  • ebay United Kingdom (
  • ebay Canada (.ca)
  • ebay Australia (
  • ebay Deutschland (.de)
  • ebay France (.fr)

The search can be limited by entering multiple keywords and if the area of interest is bigger then the administrator can publish another module with a different keyword since multiple instances are supported. There is also the possibility to display certain items belonging to a single seller (user) using the seller id and a keyword.

From the backend the auctions can be ordered by "newly listed" and "ending soon". Also the number of auctions, title length, show/hide images and date format can be configured. Pagination permits also to set only a number of items per page, from the total number of results, which is also configurable.

The display can be configured through CSS in order to match any existing template and there is also a cache option.


eBay Factory Module main features are:

  • displays certain eBay auctions in a module
  • selection is search-based, administrator is entering a keyword (or multiple keywords)
  • displays also items belonging to a single seller
  • order by "newly listed" and "ending soon"
  • customizable nr. of auctions to be displayed in the module
  • configurable title length (limit nr. of characters)
  • show/hide images
  • configurable display of the dates showed in the module
  • pagination (configurable items per page and total results)
  • fully customizable layout through CSS
  • cache option
  • allowing multiple instances
  • works with,,,,,


  • Joomla 2.5.x or J! 1.7.x/1.6.x
  • CURL enabled
  • writable cache folder.

Version Info

eBay Factory Module 3.1.0 released on February 22, 2012.   

  • Support for Joomla 2.5.x.

eBay Factory Module 3.0.0 released on November 16, 2011.  

  • New Product Concept.

eBay Factory Module 2.1.0 released on September 19, 2011. 

  • Support for Joomla 1.7.x.

eBay Factory Module 2.0.0 released on January 19, 2011.

  • Redeveloped for Joomla 1.6.x.

eBay Factory Module 1.7.5 released on February 4, 2009.

  • Added no result message.
  • Fixed date issue caused by cache.

eBay Factory Module 1.7.4 released on Oktober 29, 2008.

  • Date formating: d/h/m/s.
  • Fixed issue regarding expired time.
  • Fixed issues regarding end time, published time, ebay official time: Germany, France.

eBay Factory Module 1.7.1 released on September 11, 2008.

  • Fixed issues regarding IE / JavaScript and plugin load.

eBay Factory Module 1.7.0 released on August 20, 2008.

  • New feature:

eBay Factory Module 1.6.1 released on August 5, 2008.

  • Fixed issues regarding time, utf at

eBay Factory Module 1.6.0 released on July 24, 2008.

  • New feature: added support to display module horizontally, not only vertically.
  • Improved AJAX functions.
  • New feature:

eBay Factory Module 1.5.0 released on July 17, 2008.

  • New feature: pagination (configurable items per page and total results) using AJAX.
  • New feature: and added.

eBay Factory Module 1.2.0 released on June 30, 2008.

  • New feature: displays also single seller item.
  • New feature: added.

eBay Factory Module 1.0.0 released on June 19, 2008.


Screenshots are representing version 1.0.0 of eBay Factory Module. 

Screenshots are representing version 1.6.0 of eBay Factory Module.


Customer Reviews:

Crysis14  (Saturday, 10 July 2010)
Rating: 5
THANK YOU! Greatly Appreciated! Itís the best module I found for advertising my ebay auctions.

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