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Joomla 2.5 & J! 1.7/1.6 Extensions arrow rss Factory PRO 3.2.3

rss Factory PRO 3.2.3
Price: 58.99 €
38.99 €
You Save: 20.00 €
Joomla Version
(*) Currency conversions are an approximation and might differ slightly, depending on the chosen payment method.


rss Factory PRO combines all the abilities of rss Factory FREE with a multitude of professional features. Here is the comparison chart between the two versions:

RSS Factory features  FREE
   •  Categories & Subcategories (unlimited number of levels)  
   •  Category Management  
   •  Category Description   
   •  Category Pathway   
   •  Related Categories  
   •  Import Feeds to Content   Blocked
   •  Archive System   Blocked
   •  Category Tree within one, two, three or four columns  
   •  SEF (compatible with Artio JoomSEF)  
   •  Session based tracking of already read news (Feeds will appear “unchecked” if they have already been read) Blocked Blocked
   •  easy Language Management   Blocked
   •  automatic unpublishing of erroneous feeds Blocked Blocked
   •  Tiled View Blocked Blocked
   •  List View Blocked Blocked
   •  Tab Titles View Blocked Blocked
   •  Sliders View   Blocked
   •  Draggable divs View   Blocked
   •  configurable display to show in list of feeds the feed name or the source   Blocked
   •  Pagination available for each RSS source   Blocked
   •  Date Format Customization Blocked Blocked
   •  Dynamic Page Titles (SEO)   Blocked
   •  MetaTags  
   •  FavIcons for feeds (pulled from the feedsite or custom uploaded) Blocked Blocked
   •  Suppress function for embedded objects and images   Blocked
   •  Color customization of Overlib Output Blocked Blocked
   •  Font Size customization for Overlib Output Blocked Blocked
   •  replace ">> >>" with custom words   Blocked
   •  Preview of Feeds in Category List   Blocked
   •  customized output styles   Blocked
   •  several configurable display tweaks   Blocked
   •  Automatic Refresh of feeds though a pseudo-CRON process and CRON Blocked Blocked
   •  Refresh of Feeds using AJAX (backend only) Blocked Blocked
   •  Search Mambot (allows you to search through feeds along with searching through content) Blocked Blocked
   •  Referral verification to avoid hotlinking   Blocked
   •  automatic Install & Uninstall of Module and Mambot Blocked Blocked
   •  Ads & Banner management Blocked Blocked
   •  Back-up utility Blocked Blocked
   •  Back-up utility including component Settings   Blocked
   •  automatic Version Check Blocked Blocked
   •  Public Support (available on Forum) Blocked Blocked
   •  Extended Support (personal guidance available through our Ticket System)   Blocked



rss Factory PRO features:

  • Categories & Subcategories (unlimited number of levels)
  • including FTP protocol for retrieving RSS XML's
  • Category Description, Pathway
  • Related Categories
  • Category Tree within one, two, three or four Columns
  • fully SEF - compatible with Artio JoomSEF
  • easy Language Management
  • Import Feeds to Content (for each feed, a section and category can be chosen, including the author and publishing period.)
  • replace ">> >>" with customizable words
  • Tiled, List and Tab Titles View
  • Sliders and draggable DIV's.
  • configurable display to show in list of feeds the feed name or the source
  • Archive System (for improved search engines indexing.)
  • automatic Install & Uninstall of Module and Mambot
  • Suppress Images or Embedded Objects
  • Category Management
  • Date Format Customization
  • FavIcons for feeds (pulled from the feedsite or custom uploaded)
  • Preview ofFeeds in CategoryList
  • Session based tracking of already read news (Feeds will appear “unchecked” if they have already been read)
  • customized output styles
  • automatic unpublishing of erroneous feeds
  • CSS customization
  • Color customization of Overlib Output
  • Font Size customization for Overlib Output
  • Automatic Refresh of feeds though a pseudo-CRON process
  • Refresh of Feeds using AJAX (backend only)
  • Search Mambot (allows you to search through feeds along with searching through content)
  • Automatic Version Check
  • and many more... 

HOW-TO refresh RSS feeds using CRON (if your hosting supports CRON jobs):
lynx -accept_all_cookies -dump 'http:// [your site]/index.php?option=com_rssfactory&task=refresh&password =[HERE YOUR PASS]'


  • Joomla 2.5.x or J! 1.7.x/1.6.x
  • GD2, cURL extension enabled
  • CRON
  • will not run together with the free version on a single installation.

For more information please visit our FORUM.

Version Info

rss Factory PRO 3.2.3 released on April 15, 2013.        

  • Fixed several issues including feed list on backend, import2content settings and rules, submit new feeds on frontend, UTF-8 characters displayed when using "Iframe with toolbar", SEF links for category when using Arabic characters, SEF routes when using arabic characters, etc.
  • Note: can be upgraded using the Joomla! installer only from version 3.0.0!

rss Factory PRO 3.2.2 released on August 1, 2012.        

  • New features: added backend option (enable/disable) to overwrite existing articles when importing articles using the i2c feature.

rss Factory PRO 3.2.1 released on July 19, 2012.       

  • New feature: select the access level for i2c articles.
  • Fixed several issues including create new category on backend, etc.

rss Factory PRO 3.2.0 released on May 15, 2012.      

  • New feature: Edit comments.
  • New feature: backend comments management.
  • New feature: Comment admin notification.
  • New feature: Comments management permissions.
  • Improved "I2C Full Article Rules" feed page tab user experience.
  • Fixed several small issues and improvements, including Word Filter (feed must contain at least one of the words), external links on full article import.

rss Factory PRO 3.1.0 released on February 1, 2012.     

  • New feature: preview RSS news (when set to -1 will display all news; when set to 0 will not display any news).
  • New feature: limit the characters count for title and content for Display Category menu item.
  • Fixed several issues regarding component menu items, router missing routes for favorites, display set to table, escape input data in replace content plugin, display categories on columns.

rss Factory PRO 3.0.1 released on December 29, 2011.    

  • New feature: added title on frontend submit feed.
  • Optimized router: less database queries.
  • Fixed issues regarding frontend submit feed translations on frontend, feed edit button and "Read more" link options on backend, "visit story" route, added missing "add comment" route, router, module language.

rss Factory PRO 3.0.0 released on December 13, 2011.    

  • New Product Concept.
  • New feature: comments on feeds.
  • New feature: favorites RSS sources.
  • New feature: "match the exact words" filter on feeds and articles.
  • New feature: content plugin for relevant stories.
  • Improved frontend language to Joomla standard. 
  • Fixed issues regarding RSS source feed (backend edit page), settings page, search plugin, content plugin, add new rss feed on backend, etc.

rss Factory PRO 2.1.1 released on October 27, 2011.   

  • Fixed issue regarding CSV import, router when segments are empty, backend RSS list: publish/unpublish.

rss Factory PRO 2.1.0 released on August 19, 2011.  

  • Support for Joomla 1.7.x.
  • Fixed issues regarding display category menu item, ordering feed sources, articles are assigned the 'All' language (when using i2c).

rss Factory PRO 2.0.1 released on April 11, 2011. 

  • New feature: feeds open in new winodw (enable/disable from backend settings).
  • New feature: when using i2c, article sources open in new window (enable/disable from backend settings). 
  • Fixed issues regarding show as multiple select on module ("Show only category"), display when using "Draggable Divs".

rss Factory PRO 2.0.0 released on February 3, 2011.

  • Redeveloped for Joomla 1.6.x.
  • New feature: filter option on each feed source.
  • New feature: set nr. of columns in admin for "draggable divs" and "tiled".
  • New feature: configure the "Read-more" link appended to articles.

rss Factory PRO 1.8.3 released on February 7, 2011.

  • Several code improvements.
  • Option to display the category root for the category tree module.
  • Removed Domit parser.
  • Fixed several issues including missing root link for category path, show correct source title in digg view, missing Itemid in category tree module links, restore settings file from backup, breaking template when displaying categories on a single column, wrong saving of component description (broken html), display all feed sources when category navigation is turned off, etc.

rss Factory PRO 1.8.2 released on January 26, 2011.

  • New feature: edit custom date format in administration.
  • Fixed issue regarding counting stories in category tree module.

rss Factory PRO 1.8.1 released on November 15, 2010.

  • New feature: administrator setting that allows to manage the way stories are "duplicates", when the same feed is parsed several times, URLs for images when in I2C full article, wrong count for nr. of stories/source in module, displaying categories with empty source feeds.

rss Factory PRO 1.8.0 released on November 8, 2010.

  • New feature: FTP protocol added for retrieving RSS XMLs (each source can be configured with it's own FTP details - host, user, pass and file path).
  • Improvement: when using I2C Full Article, the images with relative URL paths are saved with their complete URL path, so they will be also visible on the site.
  • Fixed several issues regarding I2C on full article, I2C full article (replaced JString::substr_replace, used for utf8 purposes, with standard php's substr_replace; for some reason, JString::substr_replace returns just empty strings, which leads to feature malfunction when user sets more than one import rule).

rss Factory PRO 1.7.2 released on November 3, 2010.    

  • New feature: strip html tags for I2C (simple).
  • New feature: word filters per each source for I2C.
  • Fixed issues regarding wrong name for ROOT category (inserted at install), warning when parsing article for I2C full article.

rss Factory PRO 1.7.1 released on October 12, 2010.   

  • Fixed several issues including category tree model, category tree module, category path, generate/restore backup, counting stories under "manage sources", I2C full article add pagebreak, I2C full article ordering rules, I2C full article where multiple rules were all applied to the same original text, instead of deleting the already processed parts (after applying each rule), html entities in imported articles (titles).

rss Factory PRO 1.7.0 released on September 28, 2010.  

  • New feature: added several propreties to $story; $story->categoryId,$story->categoryName and $story->categoryDescription (for the cases the category parent is needed, the method RFProHelper::getStoryPath($story) should be used, which will return the full category path as an array of objects).
  • New module: Category module.
  • New module: Top Voted.
  • New option: enable/disable overlib (tooltip) for channel string.
  • New option: support for page-break on new article.
  • New option for RSS module: max. nr. of stories per category.
  • Fixed several issues including tooltip title in module, etc. 

rss Factory PRO 1.6.1 released on June 8, 2010. 

  • Fixed issue regarding duplicate content, readmore links urlencoded chars (on several google feeds), listing stories multiple times when voting not enabled.

rss Factory PRO 1.6.0 released on March 29, 2010. 

  • New feature: Hits for feeds.
  • New feature: new view sytle (iframe with toolbar).
  • New feature: add link at the end of the article to the original page. 
  • Fixed some issues regarding usage on servers with outdated PHP 4 version, displaying modal content of a news without site template, import source feeds from CSV in backend.

rss Factory PRO 1.5.9 released on November 12, 2009.  

  • Compatible with PHP 5.3.0 and added some tweaks for PHP 4 compliance.
  • Improved version_info.php: xml-ul (parsing now with JSimpleXML, instead of domit which is incompatible with php 5.3.0).
  • Fixed several issues including category filter, feed title, tooltip, edit add redirect, strip comments from feeds, pagination without SEF, JS modal view, pagination links, html enteties in module, refresh on module voting, save on empty categories, ads related warnings, show only category in module, order categories on UNIX, htmlentities with UTF-8 encoding, import2content word filtering, title links from digg feeds, import from CSV, display date, creation date (from feed GMT), date publish_up (today, after the site time), date publish_down (today + offset_days, after the site time), when voting disabled (same item listed several times), category description, shorten-text in module for item_title or item_description, etc.

rss Factory PRO 1.5.8 released on Octomber 29, 2009.  

  • Fixed several issues including module tooltip, module display when only a single category was set for display, duplicate component when creating a new menu entry, images name formating in backend (lowercase, uppercase), notices and warnings on component settings, etc.

rss Factory PRO 1.5.7 released on October 19, 2009.  

  • Menu items available to assign on categories even if the settings "show categories" is off.
  • Fixed several issues including module, plugin, ads (when nr. of ads bigger then number of stories), i2c full article, "read more" link on articles, incompatibilities with PHP4, etc.

rss Factory PRO 1.5.6 released on September 30, 2009. 

  • New module settings for "show only categories" (not id, using multiple selection.
  • Improved stories scalability from database.
  • Improved SEF.
  • Improved pagination.
  • Fixed several issues including show categories settings, menu items, module issue, ads, draggable divs, etc.

rss Factory PRO 1.5.5 released on September 24, 2009.

  • Joomla native MVC (building menu items with links to the component is easier).
  • Admin improved interface: using xajax for simple tasks like publish/unpublish, improved filtering for listings (feed sources, ads), improved error management.
  • Ads can be assigned to one or more categories (this will help displaying only the relevant ads for the feeds).
  • Component's settings are now saved in a zip-file instead of the database, increasing the performance and for an easier backup.
  • Headlines link to their stories (when displaying categories with preview).
  • Module can list feeds using: tabs, sliders, draggable divs, simple list, tiles.
  • Module can show each feed details using: tables, overlib, modal box and digg style.
  • Filter Categories on feed sources after parent and child indentation.
  • Experimental feature for import to content: parse full articles as a Joomla Content entry, meaning graphical interface that can let admins set some simple rules to define the container of the full story for each source feed separately; by setting the correct container, our application will be able to parse the full story and import it as article content in your site; this way, the article will contain the complete story, not only the short description from rss.
  • Fixed several issues including "draggable divs", bigger text areas for prepend/append text, search input design, ads display, warning on empty submitted feeds, save related-categories, save refresh password etc.

rss Factory PRO 1.5.0 released on July 28, 2009.

New Submit features:

  • Submitting feeds (enable/disable).
  • Enable guest feeds submit.
  • Text being displayed to submitter.
  • CAPTCHA verification on submit.

New Refresh features:

  • Three RSS parsers: SimplePie, Domit, Magpie RSS - we strongly recommend SimplePie!
  • Added "refresh script time limit" - protection for overloading the server.
  • Word filter option (enable/disable).
  • List with allowed words (if feed doesn't contain any of these words, it will not be imported to cache).
  • List with banned words (if feed contains any of these words, it will not be imported to cache).

New Voting features:

  • Voting (enable/disable).
  • Guests may vote (let unregistered users to vote feed stories).
  • Allow negative rating (if "Yes", a feed will be able to have ratings like "-1","-2",...).

New Display features:

  • Show empty categories (show categories without any feed).
  • Show empty sources (show sources without any feed).
  • "Choose how to display the full story/news" - added "Modal box" option
  • Added "digg-style", "modal" and "custom" as view styles!!!
  • Template for each view style (overlib, table, digg, modal & custom) - we recommend modifying only the "CUSTOM" template!!!

New Import2Content features:

  • Articles published by default (if set to now, every article will be imported as "unpublished").
  • Default text perpended to articles (header for each article).
  • Default text appended to articles (footer for each article).
  • The "Enable Import2Content", "Default Author", "Default Section/Category", "Articles published by default", "Default publishing period", "Default text /appended/perpended to articles" settings can be override for each source feed, while editing it.
  • I2C Word filters (enable/disable).
  • List with allowed words (if feed doesn't contain any of these words, it will not be imported as an article to content).
  • List with banned words (if feed contains any of these words, it will not be imported as an article to content).

General code base optimization including:

  • Improved speed at parsing feeds (simplepie is faster than magpie).
  • Improved speed at display (most of the display code is re-written).
  • Improved database speed (optimal indexed tables).
  • International Domain Name support (ex. chinese UTF8 characters).
  • Full support for "enclosures", inclusive attached files using the "media" namespace (introduced by Yahoo in RSS 2.0 and meanwhile used also by Google).
  • Ordering on save feed source.
  • Using "divs" instead of "tables".

rss Factory PRO 1.2.4 released on April 30, 2009.

  • New feature: "Read more" link is added to articles and feeds (in table view) and can be routed through the component (SEO optimized) or can be linked directly to the initial site (view feed in wrapper is not available under this setting). The links from each feed content are having target="_blank" and rel="nofollow"; the first for guest (not to leave the page), second for bots (SEO).
  • New feature: "<enclosure>" Tags are parsed; avaialble in feeds as attachements with link to the file.
  • New feature: strip HTML tags from content feeds, with the option for allowed tags; tag <a> is NOT recommended to be removed.
  • Added the ads table to the Backup.
  • Height auto for iframe (at view feed in wrapper).
  • Support for gzipped encoded XML's
  • Fixed issue regarding replace bot plugin, display of archived feed (on module).
rss Factory PRO 1.2.3 released on March 30, 2009.
  • Fixed several issues involving feed archive deletion and import2content (when the url was automatically modified by the generator on each refresh, although the feedcontent is the same; this fixed will avoid possible dublettes).

rss Factory PRO 1.2.2 released on March 3, 2009.

  • New feature: show first X chars from feed content in the module.
  • New feature: add multiple categories from textarea.
  • New feature: enable/disable read more link.
  • Several issues fixed, including itemid on search result, some charset issues, display issue involving js, segmentation fault (11).

rss Factory PRO 1.2.1 released on February 20, 2009.

  • Several issues fixed, including MySQL 4 compatibility implicating the import to content function.

rss Factory PRO 1.2.0 released on February 16, 2009.

  • New feature: Import Feeds to Content.
  • New feature: Archive System.
  • Several minor issues fixed.

rss Factory PRO 1.0.8 released on January 23, 2009.

  • Several minor issues fixed including apostrophes, search validation, mysql_real_escape_string().

rss Factory PRO 1.0.7released on December 15, 2008.

  • Several issues fixed including saving ItemId, feed parsing with domit, IE feed search, modified remote_read_url() function to solve host (curl_errno 6), overlib, etc.

rss Factory PRO 1.0.6 released on November 17, 2008.

  • New module feature; in field "Show only category" several categories can now be added separated by ",".
  • Fixed issue regarding fireboard incompatibility (function "microtime_float").

rss Factory PRO 1.0.5 released on October 16, 2008.

  • Admin strings added to the language file.
  • Fixed issues regarding some notices, UTF-8, Show first x Characters, Show category path Base, etc.
  • Several code improvements.

rss Factory PRO 1.0.3 released on September 18, 2008.

  • New suppress function added for embedded objects or images.
  • New Backup/Restore feature to save also the Component Settings.
  • Fixed issues regarding table view (overlib, chanellink).

rss Factory PRO 1.0.2 released on September 3, 2008.

  • New replace plugin added.
  • Several code optimizations
  • Fixed issues regarding safemode, empty category redirect loop.

rss Factory PRO 1.0.1 released on September 1, 2008.

  • Fixed issues: UTF-8, feeds ordering, admin icon, paginated search, memory limit, template/overlib, other minor issues.
  • Several code optimizations. 

rss Factory PRO 1.0.0 released on August 8, 2008.


Attention! Screenshots are representing a newer product RSS Factory PRO 4.0.1 for Joomla 3.x .


Customer Reviews:

saad lamer  (Thursday, 19 December 2013)
Rating: 5
HellornI want that extra service Rss to CJblog withrnProfile User o articlernAnd I am ready pay the price you extrarnrnthanxrnrnasaad kamel

Joomlapat  (Monday, 13 February 2012)
Rating: 5
Excellent product! I use RSS Pro for Years to make Sport News joomla articles from RSS for a big sport portal.

It does the job without
any problems/ I end up with nice new Joomla articles with image every day, automatically. Does any other RSS reader can do that?

work perfectly and I get a good support from the Developer.

Thank You RSS Pro

TBC  (Saturday, 09 July 2011)
Rating: 5
Amazing News Feed Resource! I'm using RSS Factory Pro on my educational site and I couldn't be happier. It allows us to provide relevant news from
multiple sources in an unlimited organizational structure. There is no other component out there that comes close to the functionality of RSS Factory

We're not even using the feeds to content feature, great for those looking to generate site content, and it's still one of the
best investments that I've made on any of my Joomla sites.

Many thanks to the good folks at The Factory for providing the functionality
that allows us to develop a definitive news source for our students!

Krab  (Monday, 02 August 2010)
Rating: 5
After using the free version for more then 1 year in several websites i was convinced to
purchase the PRO version, and i was never sorry. The
great additional features and the nice
new views are great, administrator back end is as easy as in the free version, but has more /> options. The best thing about this one is the import to content feature that helped me create
a brand new website packed with content in
Support is smooth and the response is quick i got all i needed through their ticketing system,
but forum looks fine too.
Thanks guys, keep it up!

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