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Updates and Upgrades   PDF Print E-mail

Distributing Updates. After acquiring one product site license, the customer will receive upon request the next minor version releases for free, till the next major version will be out, for a period of one year, for the licensed site. In case that after acquiring the product, a major version will be released or no other (minor or major), the initial product is sold as presented with no further bonds.

Minor updates are for example from version 3.0.0 to version 3.0.1 or 3.0.4 or 3.0.7. Major versions updates are from 3.0.0 or 3.0.7 to 3.1.0. If you read this and you are entitled to an update please send us an update request as described below.Please note that if any updates will be released, they will come as they are and only in special cases an upgrade script will be released. If released the update script will cover most probably only the latest version, so we recommend to always stay up-to-date in cases of free upgrades. 

When upgrading from one minor version to the upcoming one (ex. 3.2.6 to 3.2.7) perform first a complete site back-up, then just try to overwrite the component files (including modules and plugins) using a FTP client. This will work if no database changes are made to the new component version. Note of course that by doing this, any component code or template tweaks as well modifications to the language files will be lost, so do not forget to backup first! We strongly recommend that any update should be first made and tested on a test environment, not on a running site.

When requesting an update make sure you are logged to the site, sou you can easily fill in the required data. After the Update Request form is filled the data will be manually verified and then a new download link will be issued. This will be automatically sent to the email address from the initial order - CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER! In case your email changed, do not forget also to update your Factory Profile information since without it, you wont be able to receive the new download link! In order to avoid some download issues, any present download-manager should be disabled (in some cases also the antivirus software which may corrupt the file due to the PHP code).

Update Request form description. Fill in ALL required information since without it, the request will not be processed!

  • Name (Name or Company if the case, like on the initial order)
  • Order Number (ex. 00012563; your existing order numbers will be displayed when submitting an "Update Request" or "Support Ticket" if you are logged on our site when performing this task. The order number is issued in the shop checkout when confirming the order and can be found in the generated email. DO NOT mistaken with any order or reference number given by the payment gateway!)
  • Email (on this email you will receive a notification when the downloadlink is issued, NOT the downloadlink itself)! The downloadlink will be sent automatically to the email address in your Factory profile, so if your email address changed (or you are encountering issues in receiving the downloadlink at the present address), before sending the update request, update your Factory "User Profile Information" by clicking on your name in the user "login module" available on top of the page, then the "Account Information" link and change the existing email address; after that you can fill in a new "Update request" receiving the downloadlink at the new email address.)
  • Date of Purchase (also in case you already purchased a second major upgrade of the same product, then enter the date of the last order)
  • Product (select the product you acquired)
  • Licensed Website (according to our terms & conditions the license can be used on a single running site. Please specify the licensed site).

Major new product version on About page available, but on request not received? In some cases, those request cannot be processed since a different product is requested. As noticed in our shop they are different products depending on the Joomla version! The "About" page in the component backend area is calling up a version.xml file which is simply listing the latest available product from the existing product range. If you have a product for an older Joomla version, then visit the product page (of the product you have acquired) in our shop and check the "Version Info" tab. There you will see exactly the latest available product version for that certain Joomla version. To request then an update according to your license terms, follow please the steps described under this document.

Upgrades. If the above do not match the above terms and you want to upgrade, a new license is required. Although according to our terms & conditions only minor versions are for free, we are offering most of the time major versions for free in order to help our customers and for them to benefit of a better product, with enriched features. Unfortunately this is not possible especially on major Joomla product versions, since this implies extra additional costs for us as developers and in order to maintain our support and product quality, we cannot offer everything for free.

Updates and Upgrades. Customized Versions are being built on existing versions and are NOT the subject of any update. Non-commercial products are also distributed as presented and are also not the subject of updates.

In cases of any abuse to our terms and policies, the license will be revoked immediately, without further notice! 

Please do not contact us for any update terms before an official release of the product version, since we wont be able to provide any information, due to our strict company policies!